Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Quickwrite - Robot

If I were to have my own personalized robot servant, it would be able to fly me anywhere i want. It would basically be a clone of me but, of course its actually a robot,not me cuz im me. it would talk like Morgan Freeman because everybody loves his voice. On my spare time he would be able to poop out a nice toasted B.L.T with a tall glass of chocolate milk. it would always be able to make me happy and always ready to play hockey or lacrosse whenever i nedded him to, he'd be my best friend.


  1. I thought I was your best friend? What else would this Ashton Fogarty, Morgan Freeman sounding robot poop out? #ZESTOS??

  2. Hey Ashton, Colby Kiss here. Really neat post ! My question is how would it make you happy ? I would also like to know why you copied my idea of its voice being that Morgan Freeman, its fine that you did i guess though ..