Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Social fiction project

The Adventure of Abdar Rahim

 itwas march 3rd, a Sunday if I remember correctly I had decided to skip out on my family goat milking session because I felt that my family had enough milk to last us for the next couple days. This gave me the entire day to do whatever I wanted. This was a raare day off for me because I am the soul care giver of my 8 little brothers after my parents had died at a young age due to the leading cause of death in our town, being eaten in your sleep by an elephant. It was very tough on my brothers because they had witnessed the entire thing but enough talk about that…. I don’t really like to talk about it to much. Besides the city fair was on in my town and that was the biggest event every year. So I decided to head over to my buddy Jabeers house, he was two years younger then me but we were still considered best friends. His house was at least 20 minutes away from mine but in order to get to the fair in time, I ran as fast as I could.

When I arrived at his house I yelled “Jabeer get down here we have to get to the fair soon!” Jabeer then called back and said “I cant! I don’t have the money for that Abdar, You know that.” But I replied “don’t worry, Ill pay for both of us to play a few games.” I knew this would get his attention as he rushed down the stairs ready to attend the annual fair. Jabeer was never really one for rides but gosh did he love the games. Me? I like both and had found a couple extra bucks laying around for the games. Next thing I knew Jabeer was running out of the house rushing over to the fair to get started on playing some games, then I heard Jabeer shout “Abdar! Abdar! Over here! Over here! Look at this!” So I ran over to Jabeer and there was a very interesting game. The goal of the game was to shoot a whiffle ball into the middle hole surrounded by a lot of bigger holes. The grand prize was a brand new motorbike, this was by far the coolest prize at the entire fair. It was a dollar a try and I had cut my pocket down to 2 dollars, I gave Jabeer a shot and myself a shot. I had a feeling that one of us would be able to win the bike because we had both played little league softball as kids, and Jabeer was on a hot streak because he had won 3 prizes on the last 3 games he played. Jabeer insisted he went first and he gracefully threw the ball and it was so quiet you could hear it whistling in the wind. It was like a movie scene as it rolled around the rim extremely dramatically and it paused at the last second… and fell over the edge as he missed his shot. Now it was my turn, I approached the shooting position, I launched it as hard as I could and it bounced on the edge of the hole started to rim, and just like Jabeer it paused… everyone silent and in aww as it slowely fell into the center hole and I had won the motorbike. The circus freak handed me the keys and we were off.

As we began to leave we could here a lot of yelling and screaming. It became clear as a giant angry man began to approach me and Jabeer. The big scary man spoke thus “the worker said it was impossible to win!!” The worker then said as he seemed frightened “ I could’ve sworn it was I don’t know how they did it. Next thing I saw was the big man stab the worker in the gut and he fell to his knees and exhaled his last breath. The angry man began to approach us and me and jabeer began to drive away. I had never driven a motorbike before so I was going pretty slow, slow enough for the man to keep pace with us. I was praying and trying to keep my and my best friend from being slaughtered by this unknown scary man. Jabeer slipped off the back and was literally dragging himself on the back. He looked back and saw multiple men angry about or victory at the game chasing us with big shiny swords. I was just about in the clear when I heard Jabeer yelp and I looked back and saw that he had fallen off the back of the motorbike. I wanted to stop but I couldn’t risk dying. I couldn’t let down my brothers back home. I looked back and saw my bestfriend dead in the sand and the angry men had stopped persuing me. When I got back home my brothers asked me what was wrong when they saw me crying and I thought about telling them but I don’t think that they couldve handled another death.

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