Thursday, 21 November 2013


We went down the power mech hallway and listened to the janitors discuss liquor prices at the border, and got caught staring at a group of girls in the front of the school. We probably listened to each group for 30 seconds.

I learned that the janitors like to get alcohol from the states. This gives me a new perspective on employees in the school. Personality is revealed through conversation by how ppl talk and emphasize things.

When more then two people converse the conversation jumps around a lot changing mood, plot and personality, the most surprising thing I learned about the way people are is that janitors have lives outside of school, who knew?

The differences between written and spoken language is that written is harder to provide mood and visual perspectives, while speaking makes it easer to tell stories the way they are supposed to be told because you can lower your voice speak slower or fast or louder. 

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