Thursday, 21 November 2013

Pov 25, 3 character tweets

Unable to cope with this #missher @thefather

Don't worry kiddo you're not alone @flyinbrian

Trying my hardest but she was my first love #notfair @thefather

I understand that and I agree, it's not fair #mybabygirl @flyinbrian

Just wish I was there to save her @thefather @policedprtmnt

Me to big guy @flyinbrian @policedprtmnt

Don't you worry our police force is gonna do everything we can to find this murderer @flyinbrian @thefather

Thx @policedprtmnt

I just heard news that I am a suspect to my own daughters death #areyoukiddingme @policedprtmnt

As you must understand that at this point everyone is a suspect @thefather 

No this is absolutely ridiculous I'm livid @policedprtmnt have you hear about this Brian @flyinbrian

No I haven't! There is no way I've known this man my whole life this is ridiculous @policedprtmnt

I understand that you are angry but you have to understand the precautions that we must take @flyinbrian

My girlfriend was murdered and your worried about taking down the father #greatjusticesystem @policedprtmnt @thefather

Dont worry Brian I understand what they have to do @flyinbrian @policedprtmnt

Don't worry I'm gonna find who really killed Amanda #detectivebrian @thefather

I appreciate that @flyinbrian

Sir I think it would be best that you just stay out of this one #letthepolicehandlethisone @flyinbrian

Stay out of this? Clearly you guys don't know how to deal with this so I think I might intervene @policedprtmnt

Brian they are right let the police handle this one @flyinbrian @policedprtmnt 

No! I'm gonna do what I have to do to bring down the person who kille my love 

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