Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Quickwrite - $5 island

Since I was sold my very own island for $5, clearly there must be something wrong with it. Is there a serial killing family who lives there? or is it home of King Kong? I think that it was sold to me for so little because there is a scary monster who feeds off human flesh, he only attacks when youre sleeping and can smell you from a mile away. It is probably a combination of king kong and a serial killing family! its a serial killing monkey family! the way I figured this out was by taking 3 friends to this island to explore when we started to see corpses and blood every so often which eventually led us to a scary path. We followed this path all the wway to then end and when we reached it, thats when we saw them, they arecurrently holding us captive in their cave. I am telling you this story from my handheld device which they have not discovered yet.

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